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September 19, 2023

3 Considerations When Getting a New Roof in Atlanta

When was the last time you’ve been on your rooftop? Maybe you climbed up there recently to retrieve a Frisbee or fix a leak and noticed the surface was in shambles. Maybe you didn’t even need a bird’s eye view; perhaps shingles landed on your lawn after a rainstorm, causing you to wonder if getting a new roof is the next step in property protection. 

A damaged roof means anything from poor insulation to water damage that causes toxic fungal growth. Sometimes, a minor repair won’t suffice, but when can you tell whether you need a repair or replacement? Rock House Roofing, Atlanta’s trusted roof replacement team, offers the top three considerations before splurging on a new roof. 

1. Repairs Versus Replacements

If your roof is less than a decade old, it’s nowhere near the end of its lifespan, especially for concrete, slate, and metal, which last between 50 and 100 years. However, without regular maintenance, you may need minor repairs, like hole patching and shingle repairs, just a few years after installation. Also, refrain from replacements if only a section of your rooftop has issues.

On the other hand, you may benefit more from a replacement if your Atlanta roof:

  • Is decades old
  • Has an underlying issue spanning the entire surface
  • Requires too many repairs annually
  • Contractors didn’t appropriately install your roof or used the wrong materials 

2. Types of Roofing Materials

While asphalt is the most cost-effective and common roofing material in Atlanta, GA, it has the shortest roof lifespan, lasting 10 to 15 years with optimal care. The cellulose fiber mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules is also not as sturdy or durable as other materials, needing more professional care and upkeep between installations. 

If your roof’s lifespan is ending and you’re getting a new roof, do you prefer a higher upfront cost that pays out in the long run with minimal maintenance and fewer replacements? If so, consider heavier materials like slate or clay, but ensure your roof’s wooden structure can handle the added weight. Otherwise, lighter asphalt is best, especially if your budget only allows this economical solution. 

3. Atlanta Contractor Companies

Not every roofing contractor offers the same benefits, so read reviews and check for licenses and insurance before hiring. That ensures you’re working with an experienced team and aren’t financially responsible for on-the-job accidents. 

You should also ask about the materials they use and the manufacturing brands they partner with so you know if you’re getting quality roofing materials and a material warranty in case of storm damage and other incidents. Furthermore, ask about their processes to better understand their craftsmanship and experience level. 

Get a Roof in Atlanta, GA, That’s Rock Solid!

Getting a new roof in Atlanta, GA, is daunting. Rather than spend hundreds replacing a roof that needed a simple fix, call the experts at Rock House Roofing, with over 100 five-star reviews. They’ll explain everything, from a hot roof vs. a cold roof to energy-efficient rooftop materials available, so contact them and start with a free inspection today!