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June 19, 2023

Atlanta Homeowner's Guide: What Is Granular Loss on a Roof?

Are you worried about the quality of your shingles and wonder, "What is granular loss on a roof?" Rock House Roofing, the best provider of professional roof replacement in Atlanta, can teach you everything you need to know about granules. Keep reading to learn more!

Types of Shingles

To understand granules, you first need to know about the two different types of shingles.

3-Tab Shingles

These shingles represent the standard roof covering. Manufacturers create them from crushed rock and tar over a layer of fiber polymers and adhesive. 

Architectural Shingles

This high-end roofing material provides superior versatility when it comes to style. While significantly more expensive, they prove more durable and resist granular loss much better than the 3-tab option.

The Purpose of Granules

Granules refer to the tiny particles on the shingle that give them a distinct color. The texture provided by the granules helps the shingle resist water, ice, and snow. They regulate your home's temperature by controlling the amount of UV rays that enter your house.

When your roof suffers excessive granule loss, it hastens the rate at which it suffers damage and ages. If you detect the loss, call a roofing company quickly to prevent more severe damage.

Signs of Granular Loss

If you wonder, "What is granular loss on a roof," you should be aware of the signs that indicate your shingles are shedding their protective layer. If your roof suffers granular loss, you'll see the results in your gutters and downspouts. Rain doesn't move the granules, so if you notice your roof's drainage system full of the small particles, it means you have considerable problems with granular loss. 

You can also check the color of your shingles. If they look black or have patches of color missing, it's a sure sign you're losing granules.

The Causes of Granular Loss and Prevention Methods

What are the most common causes of granular loss, and how can you mitigate it?


Age is the most common cause of granular loss. Over time, the adhesive that bonds the granules to the shingles breaks down and loses its ability to maintain the particles. UV rays also wear away at the shingles and erode the adhesive.

To prevent granular loss from age, schedule regular roof inspections.

Improper Installation

In rare cases, a roofer might improperly install the shingles. To cut corners and save money, they'll install the shingles in vertical rows instead of side-by-side as intended. To prevent improper installation, always read the roofer's reviews before hiring them.

Harsh Weather

Severe weather causes impact damage from hail, and falling tree branches can knock off granules or loosen your shingles. Keeping your gutters clean can reduce the amount of granules your shingles shed.

Let Rock House Roofing Help Your Roof in Atlanta

What is granular loss on a roof? When the granules fall from your shingles, only roofing professionals can fix the resulting damage. Rock House Roofing helps you identify the most common causes of roof repair in Atlanta and can fix it all.

Do you have more questions? Contact Rock House Roofing for more answers!

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