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January 19, 2024

Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter in Atlanta?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. It protects you from the rain, falling debris, and more. Therefore, you must ensure it stays in good condition.

All roofs will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. Maybe yours has simply worn down over time. Or, perhaps, it recently sustained serious damage, necessitating a prompt replacement. If this happens during spring or summer, replacing your roof seems simple — but what if something happens during winter?

Can you replace a roof in the winter? While getting winter roof replacement in Atlanta is possible, you may face certain complications. Rock House Roofing is here to explain both the benefits and disadvantages.

Replacing a Roof During Winter: Is It Possible?

Can you replace a roof in the winter? If your roof sustains damage during the cold winter months, you may understandably worry about whether you can get service. Many roofing contractors may point out the difficulties of a winter replacement; for example, colder weather may affect how nail guns operate.

Thankfully, these difficulties don’t make roof installations impossible; you can replace a roof during the winter, so long as your contractor works with care.

What Factors Affect the Installation Process During Winter?

While contractors can replace roofs during winter, certain factors can make it more challenging, including the following:

Weather Conditions

During the winter, many locations may experience adverse weather conditions. Snow and ice, in particular, can be particularly dangerous; not only can they build up on a roof — making it more difficult for contractors to work — but they can also pose a slipping hazard, putting contractors at risk.

While snow isn’t as common in Atlanta as it is in northern states, it’s still important for contractors to work with care. Adverse weather conditions may cause delays, and contractors will likely need extra safety equipment to reduce risks.

Colder Temperatures

As winter sets in, temperatures across the United States decrease. Even southern states like Georgia can see significant temperature drops and may reach the mid-30s or even 20s in some circumstances.

These colder temperatures can have a particularly noticeable effect on installing roofing shingles. Most shingles use a sealant that only activates during warmer weather; if the temperature drops below 40, the roofer will have to seal the shingles by hand.

Thankfully, these colder temperatures have less of an effect on other roofing materials, such as metal.

Why Replace a Roof During Winter?

While winter replacements pose some challenges, you may still consider one for several reasons.

Easier To Schedule Service

Trying to schedule a roof replacement can be difficult. During busier months, you may have to wait weeks before a contractor is available. This can range from frustrating to dangerous, depending on the condition your roof is in.

Because winter can make roof installations more difficult, many people hesitate to request replacements. This means that many roofing contractors have relatively open schedules during the winter. If you reach out to them, you’ll likely get in much faster than during busier seasons.

May Have Access to Discounts

Roof replacements can be expensive. On average, a replacement costs between $6,000 and $13,000, according to Angi. If you’re planning on a replacement, you’ll likely want to take advantage of any discounts you can get.

Because they tend to get less work during the winter, some roofers may offer discounts to encourage people to schedule service. This means you might get an emphatic yes to the question, “Can you replace a roof in the winter?” Speak to your roofer and ask about any special offers you could take advantage of.

You Can Address Significant Damage

Sometimes, a winter storm comes through and damages part of your roof, forcing you to get an immediate replacement. During times like these, you can’t afford to wait for more ideal conditions since that could put you at risk. Calling a professional for prompt service helps ensure your roof stays in good condition.

Reach Out to Qualified Roofing Contractors To Learn More

Can you replace a roof in the winter? While winter weather conditions may make things more difficult, it’s entirely possible to schedule a replacement. That said, it’s important to work with a contractor who has the skills and experience to handle this task safely.

Rock House Roofing has years of experience helping Atlanta residents with their roofing concerns. They can discuss reasons to replace a damaged roof, provide advice on roofing materials, and much more. Trust experts to replace your roof; reach out today to request more information.

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