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June 1, 2023

Dealing With Loose Roof Shingles in Your Atlanta Home

Maintaining your shingle roof is a vital part of owning a home. Loose shingles can cause numerous issues that negatively impact your roof’s appearance, structure, lifespan, and more. However, many Atlanta homeowners don’t know how to repair loose roof shingles, leaving the property susceptible to damage and the elements. 

That’s why Rock House Roofing put together a guide to teach you how to repair loose roof shingles swiftly and efficiently.

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How to Repair Loose Roof Shingles in Atlanta, GA

Missing and loose roof shingles are more detrimental than you might think. They can increase the chances of water damage while painting your residence in a negative light. However, if you follow the short guide below, you can repair loose roof shingles before they impact your Atlanta home.

Remove the Loose Roof Shingle

Start by removing the loose shingle from the roof. Use a pry bar to remove it and inspect it for damage.

Secure the New Shingle

Next, spread roof cement along the back of the shingle and place it into its slot so it aligns with the rest. After securing the shingle, lift the bottom of the shingle above it and use roofing nails and a hammer to further secure the loose one. Lay the top shingle’s bottom back down so it covers the other one.

Secure the Shingle’s Nail Heads

After that, apply roofing cement to the shingle’s nail heads to prevent leaks and wind damage. This is a vital step in preventing poor installation, so don’t forget to secure the nail heads when repairing loose roof shingles.

What to Do if the Loose Shingle Becomes Damaged

Sometimes loose shingles experience damage and can’t secure to the roof, making them beyond repair. In these cases, discard the broken shingle and follow the steps above to replace it with a new and improved one. Secure the shingle with roof cement, hammer in the nails, and apply more roof cement to the nail heads before completing the process.

You can also hire Rock House Roofing to replace the shingle for you, saving you time while guaranteeing exceptional results.

Contact Rock House Roofing for High-Quality Shingle Replacement in Atlanta, GA

If your Atlanta, GA, home experiences damaged or loose roof shingles, contact Rock House Roofing. Its shingle replacement services will breathe new life into your roof at a price that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Rock House Roofing only uses the best replacement shingles in the industry today, ensuring your roof remains durable and secure for years to come.

Give the Rock House Roofing team a call or complete its online form and get a roof inspection in Atlanta, GA, today!

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