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October 19, 2023

Do You Need a Permit To Replace a Roof in Atlanta?

Since the roof forms an essential part of any home, homeowners should call expert professionals for repairs the moment they notice damage. For significant replacement projects, many people wonder, “Do you need a permit to replace a roof?”

In most cases, the answer will be yes. However, understanding why you need to obtain a roofing permit for replacement projects can help you avoid legal trouble and fines.

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Permit Needs for Roofing Projects

Roofing replacements usually fall under the category of home renovations and will need to undergo a permit process with the Atlanta government. Depending on the neighborhood and size of your home, you may need to obtain additional permits.

Many Atlanta homeowners wonder why replacement projects require permits. Three simple rules outline the types of projects that require building permits:

  • Adding to an existing property
  • Work costing over $10,000
  • Structural changes to a residence

Since roof replacements qualify as a structural change, they will need a roofing permit and inspection card to occur.

Risks of Failing To Obtain a Permit

While asking, “Do you need a permit to replace a roof?” it’s essential to remain aware of the risks of avoiding permitting.

Violates the Law

Structural changes are part of the local building code that governs roofing projects. Failing to obtain a permit for replacements violates this code and the law. These violations could incur significant fines that far exceed the costs of securing a permit.

Insurance Problems

Because laws require homeowners to get a permit for roof replacements, so do insurance companies. Illegally built roofs violate insurance policies and can block homeowners from using insurance in emergencies.

When you file an insurance claim, your provider will likely ask to see a copy of your permit. Thus, replacing your roof the right way keeps you in good standing with your insurance company.

Low-Quality Workmanship

Any licensed contractor willing to conduct a roofing replacement won’t proceed without obtaining a permit. Thus, contractors offering to do the job without one are likely unqualified or unlicensed. Allowing these workers to replace your roof could put your home in danger and threaten its structural integrity.

Minor Roofing Projects Not Requiring a Permit

While most roofing work requires a permit, certain minor repairs can occur without one. Some examples of roofing work exempt from permitting include:

  • Replacing shingles
  • Replacing flashing
  • Electrical work
  • HVAC work
  • Insulation replacement
  • Repairing holes

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You now know the answer to “Do you need a permit to replace a roof?” For more information on permit needs for your roof replacement, call Rock House Roofing and schedule a consultation with Atlanta’s top-rated roofers.

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