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May 18, 2022

Hail Damage to Roofs

Don’t let hail damage to your roof keep you up at night! Hail is a devastating natural occurrence that is prevalent across the country. For many homeowners, hail damage can create a horrible sense of cost anxiety. 

Structural and cosmetic damage are typical after a hail storm, so what are your options? Weathering experts at a roofing company in Milton, GA, have put together a concise guide for getting you through the hail damage to roofs on your property.

Understanding Hail

To begin, homeowners should understand what hail is and what it can do to the integrity of their property. Hail is a large icy substance resulting from water that collides and freezes in the upper atmosphere. These ice balls then become heavy and drop violently back to earth, damaging property and life. 

Hail occurs throughout the year, but it is common between May and September. These storms affect most regions of the country. Even in hotter climates, hail can form due to tornados or high winds. 

Every homeowner should have a plan for dealing with hail damage.

Though most storms result in relatively small or harmless ice, severe storms can devastate homes. Last year, hail caused $15 billion of destruction in the United States. It made up almost half of the damage insurance claims on homes that year.

After the Storm

You should never go outside to inspect damages during an active hail storm; this puts your safety at risk. Wait for the storm to subside to begin your assessments of the property. 

Hail damage is easy to spot when it breaks windows or dents your home’s siding. It can be harder to see the damage done to your roof at first glance. Using a pair of binoculars, safely approaching with a ladder, or hiring a roofing service after storm damage are all methods you can use to help identify problems.

Hail storms may affect your home in the following ways.

Gutter Damage

Your gutters may take a great deal of punishment during a hail storm. Because they fix around the roof’s trim, they are at risk of penetration or collapse. You’ll want to ensure your gutters are still functional so that water run-off from the roof continues to route normally.

Granule Loss

Granule loss may be harder to identify depending on your roof’s shingles. Granules are the rough material on your shingles that helps regulate the temperature of your roof under exposure to UV light. 

Finding smooth patches on your shingles following a storm indicates the loss of granules that will weaken the strength of your roof over time. Worn granules lead to more problems and, eventually, damage to your home.

Cracks and Holes

Be thorough when checking for cracks and holes in your roof shingles. Missing elements like these can lead to surprise water or structural damage, costing you thousands of dollars more in repairs.

File a Claim

Filing an insurance claim is necessary for dealing with hail damage to roofs. Most home insurance companies allow you to inform them of damages within 6-24 months of the storm. This window gives you plenty of time to assess your roof’s damage in detail. 

Work with an insurance agent to ensure you get the coverage you need for your home. Because hail damage is so prevalent, all home insurance bundles offer relevant coverage. Understand your policy and provide the correct information to get the most out of your claim.

Unsure of the Damage? Hire a Roof Inspector!

Some homeowners do not have the time or resources to complete a proper inspection. The best solution is to enlist a professional roof technician in this case. There is no shame in outsourcing the help you need to assess hail damage after a storm.

Companies like Rock House Roofing specialize in hail damage to the roof and will give you a thorough report of findings. You can also get your roof repaired by our veteran crew. We take time to understand your property and treat it with the respect you deserve.

Learn more about roof repair services and hail damage to roofs by contacting Rock House Roofing today. To reach their office in Milton, GA, call (770) 655-8234.

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