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July 20, 2023

Here’s Why Roofing Fails in Atlanta, GA

Improving your home’s curb appeal and resale value with a new roof is a wise choice if you live in Atlanta, GA. However, many homeowners don’t realize how often roofing fails without the proper care. 

Atlanta's professional roof replacement company, Rock House Roofing, outlines five causes of roofing failures you may experience without a reliable contractor by your side. Review the following article, then schedule a maintenance consultation with these top-rated professionals.

1. Surface Warping

Your roof’s decking system may suffer from wood rot after years of moisture exposure. Water vapor, deterioration, and poor insulation can cause blisters to form across your roof surface. Warped surfaces can lead to runaway leaks and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t ignore these issues; call for help at the first sign of trouble. A professional roofer in Atlanta can safely inspect your roof manually or via drone cameras to identify signs of structural damage. 

2. Holes, Cracks, and Gaps

Hailstones and flying debris can cause holes, cracks, and gaps to form across your entire roof. Even small punctures can result in severe water penetration and pest infestations. Contractors can use high-end caulk and adhesive to patch vulnerable holes in your underlay and near roof fixtures.

Paying close attention to detail during initial inspections will allow roofers to reinforce areas that experience the most damage.

3. Faulty Flashings

Roofing fails for many reasons, including flashing issues. Flashings help rainwater and snow fall off of your roof during storms in Atlanta. Without durable flashings, these elements could create excess weight on your property. Consequently, you may experience problems like:

  • Structural brakes
  • Foundation flooding
  • Unsightly water stains on your ceiling
  • Broken gutters
  • Sagging roof

Reputable contractors can replace your flashings quickly if they show signs of corrosion or mold. Always ask a roofer to fortify gaps around your chimney and vents with flashings for maximum protection against roof failures.

4. Improper Installations

Hiring an inexperienced roofer can lead to a wide range of problems in the future. It’s best to partner with a five-star Atlanta contractor, no matter how minor your repairs may seem. These experts will respect you and your property during service and test your new roof before handing you the bill.

Reliable roofers can also recommend preventive care advice so you avoid unnecessary damage throughout the year.

5. Inadequate Inspections

Make sure that your contractor can provide a written report of their findings during inspections. This method will allow you to view their process and determine which type of repairs you need. You can reduce the risk of roof failures by hiring a roof inspector twice a year or once after every severe storm.

Upgrade Your Atlanta Roof With Rock House Roofing

Whether you notice significant granular loss on a roof shingle system or minor gutter clogs, hiring a professional for repairs should be your number one priority. Rock House Roofing has all the tools and equipment they need to restore your property in no time.

You can schedule online or over the phone for speedy service.

Learn more about how roofing fails by contacting Rock House Roofing in Atlanta, GA.

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