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August 21, 2023

Hot Roof vs. Cold Roof: A Guide for Atlanta Homeowners

Are you looking into a new roof for your Atlanta home or new home construction? You'll likely come across the hot roof vs. cold roof debate. 

As experts in roof replacement in Atlanta, Georgia, Rock House Roofing is here to shed some light on hot and cold roofing systems in the area. Hopefully, the information will help you choose a roof design that best enhances your home.

Differences Between Hot and Cold Roofing Systems

Before exploring the hot roof vs. cold roof decision, you should know the terminology. 

A hot roof incorporates insulation between the roof decking and structural roof framing. It keeps the living areas below it warmer, such as the attic. A warm roof suits pitched roofs, as it may not always be possible to install the extra layer on flat roofs.

A cold roof is popular in Atlanta and other areas with cold winters. The insulation sits under the roofing system's structural roof frame and roofing deck with ventilation. It separates the attic from the home's living spaces below and keeps heat inside the house rather than in the roof area.

Energy Efficiency

Atlanta winters can be unpredictable, but a hot roof makes heating energy-efficient. There isn't much thermal bridging since the spray foam insulation is under the roof decking. Cold air won't seep into your attic through your roof to reduce your house's overall temperature, so it’s easier and less costly to heat the rest of your home.

Ice Dam Formation

Both systems are good at preventing ice damming.

  • A hot roof can prevent ice dams by keeping warm air inside the home and away from the roof, which keeps snow and ice on the house from melting and refreezing.
  • A cold roof has ventilation, which keeps snow from melting by generating a consistent flow of cold air under the roof decking.

Roof Design

Where contractors install the insulation matters to your roof design choice. A warm roof’s insulation lies between the attic rafters and the roof decking, which could make your roof taller. Cold roofs won't add height because the insulation is under the rafters.

Installation and Repairs

Contractors can easily convert to a hot roof, whether your home has a pitched or flat roof. However, while it's easier to install a cold roof with a sloped roof design, repairs require removing the entire roofing structure, which can be expensive.

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