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January 10, 2023

How Long Can You Expect Your Roof to Last?

Lost in the excitement of being a homeowner you may have neglected to pay attention to a formative issue. There is a part of your home that must be maintained and considered when it comes to providing shelter for your house. Your roof isn’t always one of the aspects that are at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind until there are problems to fix. 

One of the biggest questions that a homeowner needs to ask is how long does a roof last. This questioning allows the homeowner to consider things such as roof maintenance and eventual roof replacement. 

If you’re a homeowner, it is time to take a moment to inform yourself of the longevity you can expect from your roof. Below you will find information regarding how long your roof should last and why it should or should not last as long.

What Material Has Been Used

Roof lifespan deeply hinges on what material is used when constructing it. Considering there are plenty of different options, this is truly the homeowner’s choice on how to choose. Many homeowners go for the aesthetic choice without putting much thought into how long the materials are projected to last. 

Wooden, asphalt, and metal are just a fraction of the available options. 

Of these options spans these types of roofs last do vary. Roofs such as those made out of slate will last considerably longer than a roof that is made from single-shingle asphalt. 

The workmanship of a Company

Your years before a roof replacement are also indicative of the company that puts the roof on your home. A company that has plenty of experience and knowledge is an asset and can increase how long your roof lasts. Experience is a great indicator that other homeowners have also had success with their successful businesses. 

Always look into a company before selecting them for any type of replacement or repair. Be sure that the company you’re working with has a reputable and successful history

Look into the reviews of a company regarding gathering information about past customers. Always be sure that they have been receptive to any requests that other customers have made in the past. 

Price Paid Is Detrimental

Lastly, a factor that will affect how long your roof lasts is the price that you pay for the roof that gets put on. While it is not always necessary to purge on a top-dollar price, a roof can be a different situation. 

Different materials for your roof are reflective of the different prices that these roofs cost. Typically, the more money paid for the material on your roof, the longer your roof will last. This is because many different types of roofs cost more than others due to how proactive the material is. 

How Long Does a Roof Last

The question "how long does a roof last" is a difficult response to give. If you're looking at a typical asphalt roof, between 15 and 30 years is the general timeframe for it to last. 

Scheduling regular roof inspection appointments will be an asset to maintaining and elongating the life of your roof. Be sure to do this when possible. 

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