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May 18, 2023

How to Fix a Sagging Roof in Atlanta

Roof sagging is incredibly serious and requires immediate attention to prevent the roof from caving in. Unfortunately, most Atlanta residents don’t know how to fix a sagging roof efficiently. That’s why Rock House Roofing is here to teach you how to fix a sagging roof before it affects your property.

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How to Fix a Sagging Roof

Sagging roofs are very dangerous and can worsen incredibly quickly. Roof sagging occurs due to multiple problems, ranging from water damage to faulty installation. Fortunately, you can learn how to fix a sagging roof with the following guide.

Examine the Rooftop

Before starting repairs, assess the rooftop’s trusses and rafters for defects. Rafter and truss damage is the primary culprit of roof sagging, so always inspect them before moving forward.

Make Holes in Your Steel L Channel

Next, buy a steel L channel and drill four 3/8-inch holes in its base and side. The L channels must be at least 1½ by 1 ½ and two feet long.

Remove Splinters and Chips from the Truss or Rafter

After creating the holes, remove any wood pieces from the broken truss or rafter. Wood fragments can adversely affect the truss or rafter’s alignment, so it’s important to remove them before moving to the next step.

Attach the L Channel to the Truss or Rafter

Once you remove the wood pieces, attach the L channel to the broken part of the rafter or truss using 3/8-inch by two-inch lag bolts. Place washers and carriage bolts in the holes along the channel’s side if needed.

Measure the Space Between the L Channel and Rafter or Truss

Next, measure the area between the L channel and the rafter or truss to figure out the best lag bolt size for the project. It’s best to use bolts at least two inches longer than the gap space. 

Tighten the Bolts

Finally, tighten the bolts to the L channel. Always tighten the bolts farthest away from the break first to make the process much easier. You can also make more holes in the L channel and add more bolts if necessary.

Fixing a sagging roof is very complicated and takes a lot of time. It’s best to contact the roofing professionals at Rock House Roofing to fix sagging and guarantee top-notch results.

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