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Do you know what’s going on with your home’s roof? Does it have signs of wear and tear, hidden damage, or other problems you aren’t aware of? Scheduling a professional inspection every few years or, at the very least, after a major weather event allows you to stay on top of the roof’s condition and address small problems before they become big, expensive, and inconvenient. 

Thousands of your neighbors trust Rock House Roofing, Knoxville’s roof inspection experts, to keep tabs on their properties and maintain solid, reliable, and attractive roofs. Whether you suspect storm damage or just want to know how much longer you have before it’s time for a roof replacement, a free “show and tell” photo and video inspection by our team of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors will give you the answers you need.

Give yourself peace of mind with a free roof inspection from Rock House Roofing. Call the Knoxville, TN, contractors at (770) 461-0181 to request a visit. 

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What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection 

We recommend having the roof inspected every fall, after storms, anytime you suspect a problem, or before buying a new property. When you schedule a complimentary roof inspection with Rock House Roofing, we’ll provide an honest, accurate, and fair assessment of its condition. Our priority is to give you information and insights, not to sell you a new roof system. We’ll let you know if you need roof replacement or repair, and if work is in order, provide an upfront estimate. 

Your friends and neighbors across Knoxville choose roof inspections by Rock House Roofing because of our detailed report that includes video and photos. We make sure you can see what’s happening on the roof and understand what needs to happen to prevent further issues. As Knoxville’s roof inspection experts, we specialize in finding hidden or subtle damage that other contractors might miss. 

The Knoxville area gets its fair share of wild weather. When a storm damages your roof, call us right away to make fast roof repairs

What We Look For During an Inspection

Rock House Roofing’s experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractors examine and evaluate every part of the roofing system, inside and out, during an inspection. This comprehensive approach includes looking at the roof, chimney flashing, gutters, fascia and soffits, joists, and more, and it’s why we have over 100 five-star customer reviews. You can rely on us to find often-overlooked signs of trouble, like shingle granule accumulation in the gutters or rust on metal components, which can indicate more significant problems that require professional attention.

In the case of storm damage, we work with you to determine whether the damage warrants an insurance claim. If you need to file a claim, the detailed report and visual evidence make the claim process simpler and more streamlined. 

Your home’s roof is too important to leave to chance. Give yourself peace of mind by calling (770) 460-0181 to make a same-day or next-day appointment with Rock House Roofing, Knoxville’s roof inspection experts. 

Roof Inspection in Knoxville TN

When the roof is in bad shape and beyond repair, talk to Rock House Roofing about affordable roof replacement.

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