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July 18, 2022

4 Top Summer Roof Maintenance Tips to Perform

Between the heat of the sun and the heavy rains that often come with summer weather, your roof needs some basic summer roof maintenance. The professional roofers at Rock House Roofing, an excellent Milton roofing contractor, describe four essential maintenance steps to take for your roof this summer.

Summer Roof Problems

Summer is best known for hot, sunny days with regular afternoon thunderstorms. Your shingle, metal, or wood shake roof can reach surface temperatures of nearly 200 degrees depending on the material and color. Additionally, torrential downpours from regular summer thunderstorms can produce high winds and hail that can damage roofing systems, leading to leaks.

Your roof absorbing heat from the sun’s rays can also heat up your attic, which can hold heat for several hours after sunset. Your attic may regularly reach over 150 degrees during the summer months. Additional heat exposure to your roof from the attic can cause your roof to age and deteriorate more quickly.

Heavy rains and humidity can also lead to moisture buildup on your roof, gutters, and connecting systems. Moisture promotes algae, moss, and mold growth that can damage shingles, block water runoff to the gutters, and possibly make inhabitants sick as they inhale mold spores.

You can learn more about common roofing problems in the summer and mitigate several of these problems with these summer roof maintenance tips.

1. Get Your Roof Inspected

Professional roofers have the appropriate expertise, tools, and safety gear to climb on your roof and identify problems. Call a professional roof company to inspect and recommend roof repairs for your roof. Some roof repairs or treatments you may need include:

  • Repairing roof damage that causes water intrusion.
  • Securing lifted shingles or replacing damaged or torn shingles.
  • Professionally washing mold, moss, or algae off your roof.
  • Installing new attic insulation.
  • Cleaning your gutters.
  • Repairing or replacing bent, damaged, or broken gutters or downspouts.
  • Trimming trees rubbing on the roof before replacing worn shingles.
  • Repair or replace damaged flashing around roof openings.
  • Application of special UV-resistant or water-repellant coatings.

Your professional roof company will service any necessary repairs to the structure of your roof, but many don’t offer gutter services, roof cleaning, or attic insulation. Ask your roofing company to refer you to the company they use for tree trimming, gutter cleaning, or algae removal if necessary.

2. Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

Your gutter system directs water runoff away from your house. Working gutters and downspouts are essential during the rainy summer months. Your gutter system directs water away from the foundation or basement to protect your home’s structure.

Clogged or damaged gutters can’t properly manage water flow off your roof and away from your home. Heavy rains can cause water to overflow the gutter wherever there is a blockage or a break. When your professional roofers inspect your roof, they will also assess the functionality of your gutters and offer advice on if you need to schedule a gutter cleaning or repair.

3. Trim Back any Tree Limbs Rubbing on Your Roof

Tree limbs can rub on a roof and cause wearing damage to shingles. The constant rubbing can remove granules and shorten the lifespan of your roof by years.

If your roof inspector says they found tree damage on your roof, hire a tree trimming company to remove limbs over your roof as soon as you can. Then call your roofer to replace the damaged shingles.

4. Get Professional Roofers to Perform Roof Repairs

If you have water intrusion, hail marks, lifted shingles, or any other damage to your roof, do not try to repair the roof yourself. Professional roofers have safety equipment, special roof-safe shoes, certifications, and experience to work safely on your roof and do the job right the first time.

Professional roofers also get discounts on materials, meaning the job could cost less for you to hire a roofing contractor to complete roof repairs than for you to buy your own materials and need a professional later to fix any mistakes you made.

Call Rock House Roofing for Professional Roof Inspections and Repairs in Milton

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