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April 20, 2023

How To Deal With Water Pooling on Your Flat Roof in Atlanta

Water pooling on a flat roof can lead to severe structural damage. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by inspecting and maintaining your roof year-round. Contractors specializing in roof repair services in Atlanta explain how you can eliminate standing water from your flat roof without stress.

What Causes Water Pooling on Flat Roof Systems?

Your Atlanta roof may collect water from rain, snow, and humidity, despite most TPO thermoplastic membrane and EPDM rubber roof systems being watertight. Standing water can seep into your property, causing wood rot and unsightly stains. It’s best to remove water pooling on a flat roof before it costs you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Draining Standing Water

Most home and business owners in Atlanta hire professional contractors to flush standing water from their roofing systems. These contractors can deploy several few solutions that may help, including:

  • Clearing drain pipes of obstructions (dirt, leaves, animal nests, etc.)
  • Repitching the roof and underlay to prevent warping
  • Inspecting for pits, low spots, or holes that may trap water

Some reputable companies in Atlanta, such as Rock House Roofing, can use vacuums or other tools to quickly drain or redirect water off your building. 

Preventing Future Water Damage

It’s a good idea to install roof crickets around chimney flashings and vent fixtures to prevent water pooling on a flat roof. These structures create diverging paths for water to flow down during storms. 

Your contractor could also install additional drains to prevent overflow on your roof. Ask your Atlanta roofer if they can widen existing pipes for optimal drainage. 

Compact roof insulation may cause pivots and dents in your roofing membrane that collect water. Due to foot traffic and deterioration, old and weak roofs are at higher risk for compaction. It may be wise to invest in a replacement flat roof system to improve durability and reduce the risk of standing water.

Maintaining an Atlanta Flat Roof System

Hiring a professional roofing service in Atlanta, GA, for routine inspections and maintenance is the best way to prevent water pooling on a flat roof. These contractors can identify and repair water damage before it escalates. Most roofing contractors recommend flat roof inspections once a year to avoid surprise mishaps.

Your flat roof system should last between 15 and 20 years with the proper upkeep. Start budgeting for a roof replacement if standing water is a frequent issue on your Atlanta property.

Contact Rock House Roofing for Preventative Maintenance in Atlanta

Hire Rock House Roofing for all your flat roof needs. These experienced technicians can inspect your system for standing water and other signs of damage that may compromise your property’s structural integrity. They will provide accurate estimates and excellent communication during every service, so you can be confident in the results of your restoration.

Continue exploring the website to learn more about the common causes of roof repair. The Rock House Roofing team will answer any questions you have about upkeep and new roof installations.

Prevent water pooling on a flat roof with help from Rock House Roofing in Atlanta, GA.

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